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Rest in peace beautiful girl, we wish you knew how much we cared. You were taken too young and deserved much better. May you be remembered for your incredible strength to never let it show when people were so cruel, our pointless conversations I will treasure forever, especially our discussions about your ‘Perth froths’ of the week. Love to you always from Woopwoop xxxx
My beautiful Gran you were lucky enough to have a full life, your dignity and strength was always so admirable. Without you my mummas life would have been completely different, so touched by your proudness of me. I will try my best to go on and become a Prime Minister like you’ve always wished (although the likelihood of that is zero) I wish I was there to farewell you but I know you’re above watching down.

So much sadness in the world, we must realise that the pain is bearable and we have to cherish what we have because life sucks and things aren’t always fair xxxxx